To add some excitement to your life, here are a bunch of pictures featuring the only person we take pictures of......

This one cracks me up! I must have caught him blinking.

Playing on the bed.

In March, Spencer and I drove to Portland the same weekend that Dad, Mom, and Laurie were visiting.  It was a quick trip, but we had fun seeing everyone!

Spencer reminds us of Lucky from 101 Dalmations-  He wants to make sure he doesn't miss a thing when the TV's on!

Falling asleep mid-meal...

The computer!!!

This little dude was quite unaware that his first Easter came and went, but he did enjoy this bunny our neighbor gave him!

The day after Easter, Jordan gave Spencer his first haircut.  He obviously doesn't have a lot of hair, but there were some random longer patches, so we decided to even things out.  He liked the experience and was so good!

(although it looks as though his fingers may be in danger in this pic, you can breathe easy because he didn't get cut)

These are some after photos- isn't the transformation quite dramatic?

Just enough to put in his baby book :)

This is someone's favorite place to go #2.  I think it's hilarious.

Whenever Spencer sees the camera, he has to come closer to investigate.

And this picture is just so cute!


  1. he is so big! we need to play again soon!

  2. Oh I love your little guy. I think the poopy place is hilarious too! Nice haircut bud!

  3. He is getting so big! I cannot wait to see him in a month. I love the pics in front of the TV, hilarious.