Newborn Pictures, etc.

We've been enjoying our new role as parents.  It's definitely different not being able to sleep in on weekends, or go anywhere without having to lug around a heavy car seat.  Spencer is a total sweetie, and we can't get enough of cuddling with him, coaxing out a smile, and giving him lots of kisses- so it's a good thing he's a permanent part of the family.

About a month ago (when Mom, Dad, and Laurie were visiting)  Landen's family came to meet Spencer and Kristen took some amazing newborn photos.  They are so precious.  Here are a few- thanks Kristen!

Isn't he the sweetest thing?  Here are some other pictures we've taken over the last few weeks:

He loves his daddy, and has smiled many times right when he sees Jordan come in the door from a long day at school.

Look at those skinny legs! Now he has quite a few rolls and a round belly :)

His first time going to church.

Wiggling on a blanket- that's how he spends much of his wake time. He also puts his hands in little tight fists for so long that when I pry them open his hands are all sweaty- it's so funny!

Spencer didn't like baths for the first month, but now he loves them.  Look at that happy face!

Jordan's been super busy with school, and is in the middle of his first round of tests- yikes!  I am getting used to staying at home, and loving it because I get to spend it with this little cutie pie.