Our ward had a Halloween Party last Tuesday, and we carved this little guy there. He added a ghostly glow to our apartment.

So, for our costumes this year we decided to be something classic- Skeletons! We bought black sweats and painted on very anatomically correct bones -with q-tips of course! (there were no brushes to be found anywhere in our craft supplies)

We went to a party on Halloween with a bunch of Jordan's cousins. It was a lot of fun!

The results of our mad carving skills...


Good 'ole Harold B. Lee

So three to four nights of our typical week are spent in a study room on the fifth floor of the library (usually about 7-11:30 pm).

Jordan works on his endless homework pile, and I do random stuff for school...mostly a lot of coloring. It's a party.

We don't have internet in our apartment, so campus is the place we gotta go. The study rooms are better because we can talk all we want and listen to music. Jordan's cousins Cole and Jim sometimes join in on the coolness.



Welcome to our blog!

Last week we spent a few days camping in Yellowstone National Park with Jordan's family! Jordan had never been, so he was pretty pumped. We had a lot of fun, saw tons of buffalo, and peered into countless steamy, stinky geysers and mudpots!