One more thing...

How in the heck do you make the pictures bigger on these stupid blogs??? Please comment, but no comments that are making fun of me if its something easy. Remember, I already think blogging is a little bit on the gay side, so I don't want to become some expert or anything.



Amy and I went on a small hike/walk up in the canyon on Saturday to enjoy the last really nice, warmish day before this cold hit. She refused to allow any pictures of us because she claimed we both needed to shower and were too gross. Whatever, I went along with it, so all you get are some nice scenic shots.

More Summer Updates

Amy and I got a pretty crappy, old table for $10 when we got married and got 2 chairs for free. Oh, and the chairs were crappy too. I fixed the chairs, and we had been dealing with the table. We then decided that a great summer project would be to totally sand down and refinish our table and fix one of its broken legs. Here are a few shots of the transformation. I also realize that the pictures are backwards, so you see the finished product first. oh well. AND thanks to Grandpa for letting me use some of his tools and back yard. When we finished, it was funny to hear him INSIST that this table was now worth at least $500. I'm not so sure about that, but if the perfectionist of all perfectionists liked it, I guess we did an ok job.