Halloween Stuff

We did some pumpkins too. I tried to add some dry ice in mine and got a pretty cool effect.

Amy made some sweet Halloween cupcakes that were a hit at our party, but were so cool that people were afraid of eating them.

This year Amy and I were Ketchup and Mustard. The costumes were very comfortable. We couldn't find yellow pants, so we got grey sweat pants and dyed them yellow... and it worked, mostly.

Disclaimer about previous post...

I thought I might add that since I took over the blog, it will probably not be as "cute" or politically correct, and I will not hold back any thoughts or feelings. That being said, if you are a person who gets easily offended, you don't have to read this.


Even though all the new posts this year are written as if Amy wrote it, I have to come clean and admit that the updates have been by me, Jordan. I looked at our blog and realized that I needed to take over (even though a man blogging is a little gay) since Amy's last blog was a year ago. I figured I'd come clean so I wouldn't have to type as if I was Amy anymore.


These last few posts are all random, but here is a short video of us at Yankee Stadium at a game we attended this summer while visiting family in Boston, and New Haven, CT.

This is a rattle snake that Jordan, Jeff and Kris all teamed up to kill over the summer. Jordan wanted this posted.

This past spring Jordan put together a serious softball team and was determined to win one of the coveted intramural champion T-shirts. And they did it! They were BYU Division 1 intramural softball champions. Jordan now feels like he can leave BYU at peace with himself.
Well, we figured its about time for our annual blog. Apparently its already been a year since our last post, so yeah we are bad at blogging. Jordan was peer pressured into entering the bobbing for apples tournament at our ward party. It was a photo finish and they couldn't decide who won, but we got a $15 gift card to Subway for his clutch performance anyway.