four months

Isn't he a sweetie? Time is flying by way too fast!  I can't believe my baby is four months old!  
He just had his doctor appointment a few days ago. Here are his stats:

 weight: 15 lbs. 15 oz. (72%)
length: 25 in. long. (54%)
head circumference: 41.2 cm. (23%)

He is always so mesmerized by his monkey mobile, and he'll wiggle, kick, smile and talk to them!

And this is the view from our window today!  It's the second time it has snowed this week.  I took a look outside this morning and had to break out the hot chocolate.  Just in time for the holidays to begin!


This Fall

 I think Spencer had a fun first Halloween!  He didn't go trick-or-treating (of course), but we did invite our friends over for some goodies.  Here are the Amys and our babies!  Spencer and Madison are quite fond of each other- Madison likes giving him kisses!

 I was able to go pick a bunch of apples in some orchards nearby and so we made juice!  It was so yummy.

Another one of Spencer's friends is our neighbor Adele.  She is so cute and loves to say Spencer's name.  Here they are watching their Dads play some football.  

We drove to Portland to visit Landen and Kristen a few weekends ago- and then went to the BYU game in Corvallis!  Jordan was especially pumped to be able to go.  The weather was perfect and Spencer was pretty good during the game.  Plus, we won which felt pretty awesome :)

Spencer even took a nap in the middle of all the noise!

It was so fun to see Sophie and Piper- and they loved spending some time with Spence.  

And here are just a bunch of cute pictures of our 3 1/2 month old!

Spencer likes TV way too much!  I don't think TV is good for babies, so when it's on we'll turn him so his back is facing the screen, and he'll twist and turn so he can still see- he is a pretty determined boy!

He loves sleeping all spread out



Well Spencer usually hates getting his nose cleaned out, but lately he thinks its pretty funny.


Newborn Pictures, etc.

We've been enjoying our new role as parents.  It's definitely different not being able to sleep in on weekends, or go anywhere without having to lug around a heavy car seat.  Spencer is a total sweetie, and we can't get enough of cuddling with him, coaxing out a smile, and giving him lots of kisses- so it's a good thing he's a permanent part of the family.

About a month ago (when Mom, Dad, and Laurie were visiting)  Landen's family came to meet Spencer and Kristen took some amazing newborn photos.  They are so precious.  Here are a few- thanks Kristen!

Isn't he the sweetest thing?  Here are some other pictures we've taken over the last few weeks:

He loves his daddy, and has smiled many times right when he sees Jordan come in the door from a long day at school.

Look at those skinny legs! Now he has quite a few rolls and a round belly :)

His first time going to church.

Wiggling on a blanket- that's how he spends much of his wake time. He also puts his hands in little tight fists for so long that when I pry them open his hands are all sweaty- it's so funny!

Spencer didn't like baths for the first month, but now he loves them.  Look at that happy face!

Jordan's been super busy with school, and is in the middle of his first round of tests- yikes!  I am getting used to staying at home, and loving it because I get to spend it with this little cutie pie.


Chillin at Home

This is a little video of Spencer while we were still at the hospital

Spencer has been great at sleeping, eating and just being a happy baby. He only wakes us up if he has pooped or needs some food. Other than that, even if he's awake he just sits there looking around in silence. He only woke up twice last night and we got over seven hours of sleep, so we're feeling great!

He often has his feet together just like this. His long feet look just as long as his lower leg in this pic

Spencer is always happy hanging out with Dad.

Amy and Grandma McCoy gave him his first bath. He didn't like the bath but liked being clean after.

We got him all dressed and ready for the day in this little newborn outfit. It was huge on him, but it was fun. We had to put these shoes on him for a picture even though they were way too big.

He's so tiny!

Here is a vid at home

Needless to say, he is also really good at going to the bathroom a lot and therefore our amount of laundry has increased dramatically.


The Story of Spencer Jackson McCoy. . . so far

I was going to tease and do a few posts that had nothing to do with our new baby boy, Spencer, but I know nobody would appreciate that.

Lets get real, I've always known that blogs only even exist so that people can see pictures of your kids. That's the only reason Amy and I ever look at anyone else's blogs. And frankly, that's the only reason our blog exists at all. We were always bad at "blogging" because we never had much worth blogging about until now. So there may be a lot of pictures of our son, but I remind you, that's the only reason this blog exists, so DEAL WITH IT!

Here is a little timeline of pictures of what has been going on the past few days.

Amy and I have just been getting ready and waiting for our little guy to arrive. We had everything ready.

The entire process went so well and quick and we were so happy with everything. Amy has been virtually pain free and we were well taken care of. He came out strong and perfect.

He was born on Friday July 15 at 1:52PM and weighed 6lbs 11oz and was 19.5 inches long

Mom and baby! Amy looked great the whole time

Getting used to being out in the world.

Me and my son!

Just hanging out together. He's a good baby

Spencer got to meet Grandma and Grandpa McCoy

He got a pacifier and then slept like a log!

He loves having his hands by his face. If we have him wrapped up tight, he wiggles and squirms as hard as he can till he frees them up. Then he goes right to sleep.

We got him into his first outfit today before we left the hospital

We got him all ready to go home. He slept the whole way.

We were home within 24 hours. This is him at home asleep in his little bed thing.. you know what i mean
This is our family picture!

Amy has just been glowing. She will be the absolute best mom in the world because she is the best person in the whole world. She was amazing and we are having so much fun with our cute little boy. We love him so much which is kind of weird, but not at all at the same time. We are proud parents and are overwhelmed with gratitude for the trust our Father in heaven has put in us to raise this little person.