I absolutely love Jimmer Fredette. I feel like it is an amazing treat every time I get to watch him and he never disappoints. Tonight Jimmer dropped 52 on New Mexico. If he's not National Player of the Year, college basketball would lose all respect, period.

Nothing gets me more pumped than watching Jimmer pop a 30-footer like its nothing. The last win against San Diego State, a neighbor actually knocked on our door to ask if everything was ok after Jimmer busted one from DEEP. (I must have been yelling, I'm not even sure)

So naturally, out of love and respect, when we got a (BYU) blue pet fish, we had to name him Jimmer. Here is Jimmer the fighting fish:



We went to Amy's 20 week appointment yesterday. They confirmed it is indeed a boy (although we didn't have any doubts after the last ultrasound). Here is one of the profile shots of our little boy!

Amy is now almost 21 weeks along and this is an update of her belly as of last night.