More School!!!

This may be old news to many, but last October I was accepted to Medical School!!! It was a good feeling. But even more exciting is the fact that we'll be moving back up to Washington. I will be going to Pacific Northwest University in Yakima, WA. The interview experience was awesome there and we are both very excited. They even gave Amy and my parents a personal tour of the facilities.

After the interview.

SO... because the studying is so intense for med school, we have been talking about getting a big desk for studying, etc. Well today at work, some of the doctors wanted to clear out some rooms and get rid of everything in them, including their desks! They only got them a year or two ago and they wanted me to take them to D.I., but I asked if i could just have one instead. They were happy to have me take it. Therefore we got a $150 desk (not that nice, but FREE) for nothing! It is big, so I am excited.

Amy is Showing! . . . A little

One day Amy's belly started popping out just when she ate. Then like 2 days ago it just stayed out there permanently.

Oh, AND she is smoking HOT with that little belly too.