A Few Vids

Spencer is busy trying to do everything that we do...

Trying to escape using the keys

If you call us:

Spencer might give you a nice conversation

If he hears music, he is dancing. 


This Was Our Summer!

We had a really relaxing, fun summer!  Jordan had no school, so we were free to do pretty much anything we wanted to.  The day he finished taking finals, we flew down to Arizona to see lots of family!  It was great to be there.  We met little Hannah, went swimming, ate at Organ Stop Pizza, celebrated Justin's graduation and Laurie's birthday, and had a lot of fun!  I didn't take very many pictures, but here's a cute one of Lars and Spencer.

In June, Spencer stayed with Grandma and Grandpa McCoy while Jordan and I spent a night in Coeur d'Alene.  We went on a beautiful hike along the edge of the lake, ate way too much delicious food, and had a great time!

Fourth of July

Good times in our pool.  Jordan didn't plan on getting in, but it was pretty hot outside.

We took a trip over to Landen and Kristen's- the cousins had a lot of fun together!

Kristen took some cute pictures while we were there :)

We drove down to Utah in July, and were glad that Spencer did so well in the car.  We first stayed at Sarah and Ryan's.

Spencer turned one during our trip!  He barely ate any cake, but had fun throwing it everywhere!

Enjoying his new toys with Miles.

While we were camping, it started to rain, so the babies and moms took cover in the tent!

We refinished our bar stools and our DVD rack to match our kitchen table- it was a great summer project!


Enjoying the last weekend of summer by eating a huge pizza!


We took this video the other night because Spencer was making such funny faces. He loves to make us laugh.


Pool Time

Spencer was 11 months old on the 15th and we spent some time in his new pool. He loves it!


Eatin' Time!

Spencer is pretty much always a happy boy, but a few days ago he even thought it was fun when we wiped his face. 


To add some excitement to your life, here are a bunch of pictures featuring the only person we take pictures of......

This one cracks me up! I must have caught him blinking.

Playing on the bed.

In March, Spencer and I drove to Portland the same weekend that Dad, Mom, and Laurie were visiting.  It was a quick trip, but we had fun seeing everyone!

Spencer reminds us of Lucky from 101 Dalmations-  He wants to make sure he doesn't miss a thing when the TV's on!

Falling asleep mid-meal...

The computer!!!

This little dude was quite unaware that his first Easter came and went, but he did enjoy this bunny our neighbor gave him!

The day after Easter, Jordan gave Spencer his first haircut.  He obviously doesn't have a lot of hair, but there were some random longer patches, so we decided to even things out.  He liked the experience and was so good!

(although it looks as though his fingers may be in danger in this pic, you can breathe easy because he didn't get cut)

These are some after photos- isn't the transformation quite dramatic?

Just enough to put in his baby book :)

This is someone's favorite place to go #2.  I think it's hilarious.

Whenever Spencer sees the camera, he has to come closer to investigate.

And this picture is just so cute!


The Last Couple Months

Can you find the baby in this picture?

Spencer loved looking out Grandma and Grandpa McCoy's front window when we visited for Thanksgiving.

He fell asleep mid-chew during Thanksgiving dinner!  Apparently it's not just turkey that causes drowsiness :)

We helped set up John and Connie's Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving - Spencer's inspecting our work.

Spencer is growing so fast!  He are some updates on this cute boy:

* At his 6 month appointment last week he weighed 18 lbs. 13 oz!  
I am building some serious muscle people! 

* He rolls around a lot- especially in his crib.

* He loves being able to sit up :)

* He is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen and readily smiles at anyone who gives him attention!

* He enjoys eating real food!  His favorite so far is sweet potatoes- and I couldn't feed him his potatoes fast enough today.  As soon as the spoon left his mouth, he would open wide for the next bite!

* He loves playing with us!  Especially when we hide and then pop up!

* He also has two teeth that came in last week!

This is just a cute picture.  He must have been wiped out. :)

We spent Christmas with all the McCoys and it was so much fun!  I guess I didn't take very many pictures of the festivities.  Spencer enjoyed chillin' on Grandma and Grandpa McCoy's king-size bed.

All the cousins in their Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, right before bed!

After Christmas, we all flew down to Mesa!  Spencer got to see some relatives for the first time.  Here he's meeting Great Grandma and Papa Tutt!

He also met the Bevans, Suzanne, and Lizzie.  Having fun with Luke!

Christmas break was so nice.  I loved all the time we were able to spend with our families!